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Undeniable Comfort

Each suite at our property features amazingly comfortable Kingsdown mattresses. Based right here in North Carolina, Kingsdown has over 115 years' experience building handcrafted premium mattresses using only the finest materials.

Extend our cozy comfort into your home and shop our exclusive collection today.


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Our guests just rave about our beds. The Kingsdown mattresses are one of the very best investments we made at our Inn. It is funny how often those overnight guests who tell us the night before how early they get up will show up sheepishly apologizing for waiting so late to come down for breakfast! I just laugh and tell them it's the Kingsdown mattress!

Melody, Innkeeper/Owner, West Virginia


Nine years ago we purchased our first Kingsdown mattresses for our Bed and Breakfast Inn. Time after time our guests have commented on the comfort of the mattresses and what a great night's sleep they had. Each time we have told them about Kingsdown. By rotating the mattresses on a regular basis they have held up extremely well and after nine years are still like new. Their quality is exceptional. As a matter of course we have replaced the mattress in our own home, as well as that of family members, employees and friends with Kingsdown mattresses. All have been very happy.

Jack & Allison, Owner/Innkeepers, New Jersey


I had an opportunity to try out a Kingsdown mattress recently and after reviewing the specifications and observing the quality of construction I decided to purchase the mattress. My husband and I have been immeasurably pleased with our choice. We have experienced the best sleep without the usual back problems we had experienced in the past. I would recommend Kingsdown to everyone.

Sharon, Interior Designer, Kentucky