Lavender Infused Artisan Foam: Seigel Medium-Firm

Mattress Size



Type: Memory foam and latex mattress

Support Level: Medium firm

Mattress Height: 10.75"

Roll-Packed Mattress


At Kingsdown, we don't skimp on quality. We packed a ton of luxury features into our premium roll-packed mattresses to bring you the best collection available in the market.

The Seigel Lavender Medium Firm mattress was designed by our sleep engineers to deliver a cooler, more comfortable night's sleep with proper ergonomic support.


  • Cotton, polyester and spandex fabric with C3 phase change technology
  • Dual Layered Ventilation Extreme Lavender Foam
  • 3” Zoned Ergonomic airflow foam with Latex Lumbar Support 
  • 4.75'' Ventilated Adjust Base Foam
  • Adjustable base compatible

Features & Benefits:

  • Thick layers of high-density Ventilation Extreme foam unite the best of visco and high-density comfort foam.  While responsive in nature, these layers are temperature-neutral and do not react to changes in ambient air temperature or body heat. 
  • Our zoned ergonomic airflow and latex layers reinforce support in the lumbar area, precisely where it's needed most. Latex offers resilient support, and is perforated to improve air circulation.
  • Our gentle lavender-scented foam is also perforated, which allows better air circulation to help the body maintain an ideal sleep temperature.
  • The Adjust Foam base features wave-shaped ventilation zones which not only increase airflow, but improve mattress flexibility when used with an adjustable base.

    Did you know?

    • Lavender aromatherapy is a popular choice for sleep and relaxation. Several studies show using lavender oil can improve sleep quality and may also increase time spent in deep slow wave sleep.


    Warranty: 10 years

    Proudly manufactured in North America by Zedbed, a Kingsdown company. 


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